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Dori Pole is a unique outdoor display system. These long, colorful pennant flags float beautifully in the wind and have been proven to help deter nuisance birds such as geese, seagulls, and pelicans. Our fiberglass poles are lightweight, flexible, and can reach up to 22 feet in height so your event or business is sure to get noticed.

“Ordered a 14′ green & white dori flag as a birthday gift. Customer service was great and received the flag in plenty of time to give as gift. My sister was genuinely excitied about the flag. Would highly recommend this company to friends and family.”
Janice Ruger

“My wife and I are so grateful to finally have a backyard free of geese! We enjoy our time by the lake more now than we ever have.”
Marke Jameson

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Increase attention while adding color and vibrancy to your festival, event, business or home. These beautiful, temporary pennant flags are unlike any other. They float beautifully in the wind and draw attention to your location, no matter where you are.

The Dori Pole Pennant Flag System

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Dori Pole pennant flags rotate and flow horizontally in the slightest breeze.


Dori Pole’s portable fiberglass poles are available in four size options.


There are several ways to mount or ground your Dori Pole.

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