Dori Pole products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship when installed, handled and maintained according to Consort specifications and/or instructions. Warranty protection is voided when the product is used or installed in any manner contrary to Consort specifications and/or instructions or when the product is altered or modified in any way. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase, which is typically the invoice date.

Dori Pole Yokes and Poles are warranted for one year from the date of purchase when subjected to winds of 35mph or less. See more information below.

Dori Pole pennants are warranted for 30 days in winds of 35mph or less. See more information below.

Important note about the poles: Through the 30-year history of Dori Poles, the actual breaking of the fiberglass pole in winds near and above 35mph is extremely rare. However, in severe winds above 35mph, forceful gusting can occur and all sorts of things can be flying through the air. Also, if the pennants are wet and therefore heavier there will be far more wind resistance applied to the pole. Just something to know. The Dock Bushings (that fit into a 2” dock post) and Ground Stake Bushings (that fits over the standard Ground Stake) are meant to protect the fiberglass poles from having “wear spots” that would weaken a pole. We do not recommend that the 14’ pennant be installed on the 13.5’ Mid-Rise Pole or the 12’ JR Pole.

Important note about the pennants: Nylon and polyester pennants and flags which are flown continuously outdoors will normally begin to show slight signs of wear and fraying within the first 60 days due to sun, weather elements, wind gusting and constant movement. Most flag companies recommend replacing flags and pennants, that are in continuous use, about every 6 months to maintain the freshest, most colorful presentations. Also, pennants that are allowed to consistently touch or rub against objects such as trees, buildings and boat lifts will wear and deteriorate quickly. We do not recommend that the 14’ pennant be installed on the 13.5’ Mid-Rise Pole or the 12’ JR Pole.

Warranty Remedy: If, during the above warranty periods, your Dori Pole product fails to perform for material or workmanship reasons, please contact Consort for inspection and warranty certification. Please email a digital photo of the issue when possible. A Return Authorization Number must be obtained prior to returning any product. Collect shipments will be refused. Defective product will be repaired or replaced at Consort’s discretion and expense, and returned to the buyer.

Dori Pole Warranty regarding “Bird Deterrent”: Although we are constantly hearing that the various size Dori Poles and Pennants are effective as bird deterrents, we do not warranty this feature. Dori Poles were created as festival and special event signage and décor, and the bird deterrent feature was noticed many years ago. We estimate that they are about 95% effective and we rarely hear that they do not have some positive effect. Of course, there must be at least a 3-to 5 mph breeze for the movement to disturb the birds comfort zone (this is a guess as to how birds are effected by the large shadowy movement above them!).


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