Dori Pole pennant flags rotate and flow horizontally in the slightest breeze. Standard and custom flag pennants are easily changed using a tension arm system and sleeves of the rotating yoke.


These attention-getting pennants are easy to change and all ship with pennant arms. They are great for tailgating, festivals, or any special event. A bonus feature of our pennant flag system is that the flags help deter nuisance birds like geese, pelicans and seagulls. This make them great for lake homes, cottages, apartment communities and golf courses. Our pennants are not made for installation on standard flagpoles.


Dori Pole’s portable fiberglass pole, similar to a telescoping flagpole, is available in four size options. Choose from a two-piece 12’ JR, a two-piece 13.5’, a two-piece 22’ and a three-piece 19’. The 19’ three-piece, which compacts to just 7’-6”, is the most popular, as it is easy to ship as well as transport. Dori Pole is ideal as a tailgate flagpole, and we offer many pennant colors to suit your event! Dori Pole pennants are not only exciting and colorful, but they are also known to deter birds from the area around them.

22′ Poles are not available for online purchase. Please call us to order.


From the ground, to docks, to wheel stands – we’ve got the mounting hardware to get your Dori Pole secured and get you noticed!

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