Pole Sizes

Dori Pole’s portable fiberglass pole, similar to a telescoping flagpole, is available in three size options. Choose from a two-piece 12’ JR, a two-piece 13.5’, and a three-piece 19’. The 19’ three-piece, which compacts to just 7’-6”, is the most popular, as it is easy to ship as well as transport. Dori Pole is ideal as a tailgate flagpole, and we offer many pennant colors to suit your event! Dori Pole pennants are not only exciting and colorful, but they are also known to deter birds from the area around them.

Three-Piece Telescoping Standard 19′ Dori Pole

Three-piece fiberglass pole extends from 7.5′ to 19′, with rotating yoke and displays a 14′ long pennant or 8’ long pennant. Ships via standard ground.  Recommended with the standard pennant size: 14′ x 24″.

NEW! Two-Piece Telescoping Mid-Rise 13.5′ Dori Pole

Our new Mid-Rise Dori Pole is the in-between brother to the tall 19’ pole and the shorter 12’ JR pole. The Mid-Rise is designed for use with our 8’ x 18” pennants but uses the same Standard Ground Stake, Ground Sleeve and vehicle Wheel Stand as the 19’ poles. The new pole telescopes from 7’ to 12.5’ and becomes 13.5’ when the pennant and arms are installed. It’s a “sturdier” option than the JR as it resists swaying in the wind.

Two-Piece 12′ Dori Pole Jr.

Two-piece 12′ fiberglass pole assembles easily from 6′ to 12′ tall via aluminum sleeve and has the standard with rotating yoke and holds an 8′ long pennant. Ships via standard ground. Recommended with the Jr. pennant size: 8′ x 18″.

Designed as a smaller version of the original Dori Pole, the Jr. works well as an eye catcher at open houses, big sales or special events – anywhere you want people to take notice and join in the fun! It is especially effective on lake rafts from birds landing and making a mess.

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