Often, we hear back from satisfied customers that are eager to tell us about their experience with Dori Pole. Whether they’ve successfully kept pesky birds off of their properties, drawn attention to local events or anything in between, we’ve compiled a page dedicated to their kind words!

We purchased two 19 foot poles and 14 foot pennants last year. Last week on Houghton Lake we had a series of storms with wind speeds of 50 to 60 mph. I was afraid to see what that might’ve done to the poles and flags. But, the poles survived just fine.

The pennants looked like braids with many knots in the tail end of them. Took me about an hour and a half to get them undone. But in the end the nylon and seams held and the poles held. The flags are flying again! Great product. Thank you!

-Dave Kruger – Lansing, Michigan

“We are on our third pole used as a bird deterrent on our raft floating 100 feet off our waterfront.

2 days ago our area experienced a very severe micro-burst – large trees snapped over a large area and considerable property damage. After the high winds and torrential downpour subsided, we were thrilled (and impressed) to see the banner shining out on the raft. Pretty amazing.”

-Richard Christie – Napanee, Ontario

“True believer, this year I’ve had zero issues with geese wondering into the property.

Added a second, love them!”

-Irish McKinney

Prior to having them installed, the lawn was wall to wall goose droppings. Now I see the geese on the island out front, but none come on the lawn.

The Dori Poles are so effective, and humane.

We tried many other approaches previously without success.

A.D. – Victoria, British Columbia

Our summer at the lake this year can easily be divided into two very distinct “before” and “after” experiences.

BEFORE installing Dori Poles on our dock and shoreline, we were constantly cleaning up after a flock of thirty or more geese and the mess they would leave behind. It was both disgusting and discouraging.

AFTER flying our Dori Poles for several days we realized that our goose population and the resulting waste on our dock and boat area had all but disappeared! Pretty amazing.

Thank you Consort Display Group. Not only do our Dori Poles look terrific, they have given us back our space, and the time to enjoy the second part of the summer!

Melinda and George Cekola

“I bought one of your Dori Poles a few weeks back and took it to my cottage where it is mounted on the 8′ x 8′ swim raft, which is anchored about 100′ off shore. In past years, the raft was used by ducks and geese as a latrine, so I didn’t even bother putting the raft out last year. This year, so far, great success: not one bird has used the raft as toilet! And the flag looks neat, fluttering in the slightest breeze. A recent photo is attached. My cottage and the raft are about 160 miles north of Toronto, near Algonquin Park, Ontario.”
Jim Maclean, President,
Tactical Advice/Strategic Communications Inc.

“I LOVE our Dori Pole. We purchased it in July when we moved to our new home on Mullett Lake, to keep geese off our lawn. I’m happy to report that it was extremely effective! It took about 2 weeks to completely eliminate our geese guests, but after that we no longer had a goose poop problem.

Now it is November, and I’m still enjoying our Dori Pole! I love the movement, and we use it several times a day to ascertain wind direction. ”
Anne Couture

“Our pole is on our raft off our south facing shore on Lake Champlain. In a normal summer the south winds can reach 25-30 mph several days per month. I have noted the limits of your Dori Pole and planned to take the pole down if higher winds were predicted. We get at least one 30-40 mph day each summer.
About 3 weeks ago we had a strong T-storm develop just about over head, and it was all we could do to get everyone inside and we were closing windows as the storm hit full on. Retrieving the Dori Pole was not even a thought. Yet despite our anemometer recording a gust in excess of 54 mph there was no damage to it. The kayaks, chairs and paddle boards did not fair as well!”
Cathy Frank

“My wife and I are so grateful to finally have a backyard free of geese! We enjoy our time by the lake more now than we ever have.”

Marke Jameson

“Love the colorful attention getting banner, neighbors give compliments, sea gulls didn’t come near my boat last summer.”

Jackson Hazlewood

“I live on a small man-made lake with about 250 homes around it. I got so many nice comments on my first Dori Pole, that I bought a second one for a color option. The reason I purchased it initially, was in hope of reducing the number of geese and ducks that frequented my dock – it was a great success!

I thought it would be too big for a back yard, but its not – its great! The compliments, color, gentle motion, and even excitement it brings to my grand children, are all pluses!! I love this thing!”

Janet Kesterson

“I love the flags!!! They look fantastic and I have given your contact info to about 5 new customers for your product…we really love it!”

Jim Devlin

“We saw the Dori Poles around Clark Lake, Michigan while we were visiting there a couple weeks ago and fell in love with them! There was one on the dock of the cottage we rented and we were told it was there to scare off the geese, which really appealed to us, as we have a goose problem here on Walnut Grove Lake.

Then the next day we rented a boat and rode around the lake. We saw lots of Dori Poles in all the different colors and we all decided we had to get them.

So when we got back to the cottage we did some serious Googling to find them as we didn’t even know what they were called. Once we found your web site, we each picked out the color we wanted. We even contacted a couple of our friends back home & told them they needed to get one, to trust us, & to pick out a color!

So now we have 6 flags on the lake and they look so festive. The 7th will go on one of our neighborhood docks as soon as we have it refinished next week.”

Walnut Grove Lake Association
Cordova, Tennessee

“I want to tell you how much we enjoy our Dori Poles on the shore at our lake home. They are so creative and so much fun. Our maize and blue, yes the University of Michigan (!), pennants are free flowing, elegant and extremely colorful. They symbolize life on Gull Lake Island: freedom, fun and the spirit of the water. And, we were surprised to see how they keep the Canadian Geese off the shoreline. We love that part of it but our golden retriever, Frank, seems put out that he doesn’t get to chase those big birds anymore!”

Susan Brown
Gull Lake Island
Richland, Michigan

“We use our Dori pole on out swim platform to keep the geese away. It has been working great to keep it free from geese poop…We have been very happy with it.”

Pam klumb

“I love our Dori pole!!! It makes me happy. The neighbors enjoy it. It keeps the birds away.”


“I had great results with the Dori Pole Junior on our raft. I included a picture which shows that the raft has no bird deposits, and the nice thing about the Dori Pole is that it is not in the way of swimmers using the raft. The Dori Pole is a great product, attractive, light weight and sturdy. We have 2.5 miles of open water in front of our cottage and the wind can be very strong; but the Dori Pole stands up to it just fine.”

TE, Ripon Wisconsin

“Yes, we got the order. Everything was as advertised and I don’t have any questions. I installed a couple of them myself to see how easy/hard they were to install. I think you should say that: “Installation is a breeze!” They were so easy to put in place. I just had to figure out the right place because the flags are sooooo long and so high. You are working in a realm that is way up there. I actually tried two out at my house so that I could know firsthand how to do it. I purchased a couple of rubber mallets so that the metal didn’t flatten out. And they were up in no time!

Also, the Dori Pole is the no waste answer to balloons. Dori poles can be used over and over without the waste associated with balloon arches. Something like that because that is exactly what we are doing. We are going to make the poles and flags available to local schools for graduation and/or special events to replace balloons. These are great. I recommend them. You may have some orders come your way from our outreach here.

Dori Poles are a great no-waste idea! Let’s keep in contact!”

Christine Moran
Waste Reduction Manager
City of Santa Cruz Public Works Department

“We are weather nuts and nuts about our Dori Pole. We live on a lake and we sail as well as fly amphibious aircraft. Day or night, our Dori Pole lets us know where the wind is coming from and how much. If is also great to just watch the Dori dance in the wind.”


“Ordered a 14′ green & white dori flag as a birthday gift. Customer service was great and received the flag in plenty of time to give as gift. My sister was genuinely excitied about the flag. Would highly recommend this company to friends and family.”

Janice Ruger

“I live on a small man-made lake with about 250 homes around it. I got so many nice comments on my first Dori Pole, that I bought a second one for a color option. The reason I purchased it initially, was in hope of reducing the number of geese and ducks that frequented my dock – it was a great success!

I thought it would be too big for a back yard, but it not – its great! The complements, color, gentle motion, and even excitement it brings to my grand children, are all pluses!!

Making sure to bring it in during bad weather is important, to prolong it’s life. The only thing I wish were different is the pole itself is made of fiberglass, and in the second year it gets rough and has to be handled with gloves to prevent it getting into your hands.

I love this thing!”

Jim Devlin

“My first contact with Dori-pole was to deter birds from my pier. But after I realized the aesthetic value of these long flying pennants, I became a big fan, and always fly a fresh green, matching my home. My neighbors all use my pier as a landmark.”

David Madden

“We love our Dori-Pole banner! We fly it from a North Carolina mountain top in the summer enjoying its beauty and usefulness as a windsock. A brilliant streak of color against the green mountains and blue sky is a real treat! We became acquainted with them at the Chateau Morrisette Winery in FLOYD, VIRGINIA where they were displayed to catch attention and wind.”

Nancy Huff

“We absolutely love our Dori Poles. We are a one-of-a-kind Renaissance-themed family entertainment park in Lumberton, TX. We are on our third year using this product. Initially, we were concerned if they would hold up to the Gulf Coast winds. Well, no problems! We change the flags on a yearly basis and they last about 6-9 months. Why Dori Poles? Well, FYI, McDonald’s and Burger Kings restaurants throw a splash of new paint to the outside of their businesses and they say that they see a 35% increase in traffic. Therefore, our goal is to follow suit and make moderate inexpensive changes to increase our business. We have been in business for over 32 years and it’s a great marketing approach that works for us! Thank you for the opportunity to help you sell more Dori Poles!”

Marlon Quibodeaux

I have put two Dori Poles on my pier and they have successfully deterred sea gulls, ducks and geese all summer long. And, to add to my satisfaction, you sent me a replacement part without charge when my pole was exposed to very high winds. Plus, my neighbor was so impressed that he ordered two Dori Poles for his property.”

Henry Havel

“Love the Dori Poles! Before these, we had 34 geese visiting our beach and lawn daily. We placed 2 of them on the beach with sand stakes. Now the geese just look in and swim past us. We have the blue & gold as well as the green & white. We are a “house divided”.”


“As president of a local soccer league we were having issues with Canadian geese defecating all over the fields. This was starting to pose a health risk for our youth players as part of the game they would come in contact with the ground and ultimately with the goose feces. We would hire a landscape firm to clean up the fields but it was costly and seemed like a losing battle. We tried decoys but these were only somewhat effective, after a friend of the league, a golf course superintendent, suggested we try using the dori poles to control our problem we decided to give them a try. These dori poles have been a god send to our league. They have worked so well that the local school department has ordered them to control the geese at other school properties. They are very colorful and festive and greatly improve the visual impact of our complex. While the use as a nuisance bird deterrent was not the original concept behind the dori pole they do a tremendous job of keeping the geese off of our fields and we have a safe and clean environment for our children to play in.

Thank you for such a wonderful invention.”

Brian Murphy

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