The perfect venues for Dori Poles!

IMG_1119The Dori Pole concept was created in 1984 by landscape architect, Vince Mackel, of Alameda, California, for outdoor venues such as festivals and special events. Since that beginning, Dori Poles have added color and excitement to most every type of outdoor event, from the Olympics to Super Bowls, from big-time soccer matches to little league games, from renaissance fairs to county fairs, from tennis tournaments to polo matches, and more!

Increase attention and invite attendance while adding color and vibrancy to your festival and events. Whether you are emphasizing entrances or different areas such as food, First Aid stations, restrooms and entrances, Dori Pole pennant flags are perfect for permanent and temporary solutions. Pennants can be customized with your choice of nylon colors or digitally printed with logos, designs and messages.

The 3-piece 19′ Dori Poles with the 14′ long or 8′ long pennants are the easiest to transport and store and they ship to you via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground. But, we like to also suggest that you consider the taller 19′ poles (2-piece pole telescopes from 12.5′ to 19′) with the 14′ long pennants to give the pennants higher visibility.

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