Ground Stakes

All three of the taller Dori Pole versions as well as the DP JR (Junior) can be installed quickly into earth using the Ground Stake Options. The JR uses a smaller model, shown below as both the JR Ground Stake and Ground Sleeve combination. Ground Stakes are considered “temporary” mounting simply because repositioning may be necessary occasionally due to prevailing winds allowing the stake to eventually tilt a bit in soft soil and sand and may require re-staking at a nearby location.

Ground Sleeve

Designed for permanent, concrete-set installations, for the 13.5, 19’ and 22’ Dori Poles, the Ground sleeve includes a 2” PVC pipe especially configured for encasing in concrete. The holes should be 8” to 10” in diameter and deep enough for the Ground Sleeve to protrude about ½” above the ground surface.

Ground Sleeve JR

The Ground Sleeve JR acts as both a Ground Sleeve and a Ground Stake for the smallest Dori Pole and can be driven into the earth for a temporary installation or set in concrete for permanent usage.

Pontoon Mounting Kit

Designed to fit Pontoon Boats that have open top rails on sides and/or in front. This bracket is not designed to fit pontoon boats with
full side panels.

Wheel Stand

Easy to transport and set up, The Wheel Stand displays the 19′ three-piece Dori Pole and the 13.5” Mid-Rise Dori Pole next to your vehicle. With two-color pennants available in popular combinations, represent your school pride at games from the parking lot or as part of the festivities. Folks will spot you from afar at crowded events. The Dori Pole Pennant System is a great way to highlight different stations at events – starts and finishes / entrances / first aid – you name it – we have a color for it!

Dock Mount Bracket

Recommended for the 19’ three piece, the Dock Mount Bracket attaches your 2” O.D. aluminum post to dock. This convenient attachment method ships with 2” U-bolt and 2 lock nuts. See “Installing Dori Pole” under “Learn” on this website. Wonderful for serving as a wind guide on the water, dock mounting is the suggested installation method for deterring geese and assorted birds from docks and boat lifts.

JR Mounting Plate for Rafts or Docks

Designed for the 12’ JR Dori Pole only, the JR Mounting plate attaches to any flat surface. This 5” x 5” black coated steel plate is intended to be bolted or lag bolted to the side of rafts or docks. This is also a suggested installation method for deterring geese and assorted birds from rafts.

Dock Mount Kit (Complete)

Recommended for the 13.5′ Mid-Rise and the 19′ Three-Piece telescoping poles, the Dock Mount Kit is all you need to mount your Dori Pole to a dock or similar surface. This is a complete kit that includes 24″ aluminum, 2″ O.D, pipe, heavy-duty mounting bracket with stainless steel bolts and brass lock nuts, and Dock Pole Bushing.

This convenient attachment method ships complete. The horizontal attaching bolts supplied are sized for standard aluminum dock stringers. If you are attaching this to “2X” wood stringers you will need to purchase two 3.5″ long x 5/16″ stainless steel bolts from your hardware store (The supplied washers and nuts are sized for 5/16″ bolts). Dori Poles mounted on your dock are wonderful for serving as a wind guide on the water and as a possible method for deterring geese and assorted birds from dock.

Dock Pole Bushing

If your dock has the typical 2” (outside diameter) aluminum dock post, the black Dock Pole Bushing is an easy way to buffer the fiberglass Dori Pole from wearing on the aluminum post. It fits snugly into the top of the post. Remember, place a horizontal stop, such as a bolt through your dock post at about 18” from the top to avoid the Dori Pole from going too far into the post (and water) and losing valuable height. The inside diameter of the standard post is about 1.80”.

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