patriotic-pennantDori Pole pennant flags rotate and flow horizontally in the slightest breeze. Standard and custom flag pennants are easily changed using a tension arm system and sleeves of the rotating yoke.

Similar to a standard flag, our pennant flags are made from nylon. There are 15 solid pennant stock color choices and 22 two-color collegiate options perfect for the sports fan wanting a fun and colorful way to show support for the favorite team or school! And, many custom colors are available for an extra charge for both solid color and two-color combinations. Special-order custom imprints on solid nylon pennants and fully custom-designed digitally printed polyester pennants are available (see our 14’ Limited Edition Specialty Pennants under PRODUCTS / Pennant Flags) for digitally printed examples.

These attention-getting pennants are easy to change and all ship with pennant arms. They are great for tailgating, festivals, or any special event. A bonus feature of our pennant flag system is that the flags help deter nuisance birds like geese, pelicans and seagulls. This make them great for lake homes, cottages, apartment communities and golf courses. Dori Pole pennants are not made to fit standard flagpoles and fit only our Dori Pole Swiveling Yoke.

“I love the flags!!! They look fantastic and I have given your contact info to about 5 new customers for your product…we really love it!”
-Jim Devlin

Standard Nylon Pennant Flag Styles

All Dori Pole nylon pennants are made with SolarMax® brand nylon which has superior ultraviolet resistance. SolarMax® brand nylon is lightweight, strong, abrasion resistant, washable, fast drying and resists shrinking. When choosing your pennant color, please keep in mind that the color on the screen may not exactly match the color of the pennant as screen color settings vary. See the Dori Pole warranty under the “Resources” section of this site.

14′ Limited Edition Specialty Pennants

We have added digitally printed Dori Pole pennants to our stock design mix. These are printed on “flag polyester” and this process allows us to provide pennant images of all designs and colors. Please watch for our latest designs in this stock series. And, if you have an idea for a design that you’d like to see let us know and if we design a new stock pennant using your concept we’ll send you a free pennant of that design!

Custom Design / Imprinted Pennants

Solid color nylon pennants can have “non-licensed” images imprinted with one or two ink colors. And, custom digitally printed pennants (polyester) are also available. Certain minimum quantities may apply. Our Art Department is pleased to design custom pennants for a nominal fee. Contact your Sales Representative for more information and pricing.

8’x18″ Pennant Flag for Dori Pole and Dori Pole Jr

14’x24″ Pennant Flag For Dori Pole

14′ Pennant Flag (shown in French Blue & FM Yellow Collegiate Color Combination)

Stock Pennant Flag Colors

(available in 14′ x 24″ and 8′ x 18″)


FM Yellow

Spanish Yellow



Canada Red


Spice Brown


French Blue

Royal Blue

O.G. Blue (Navy)


Irish Green


Collegiate Color Combinations

(Available in 14’ x 24″, * indicates combination pennant also available in 8’ x 18”)

Orange & Black

White & Gold

Gold & Black

White & Ruby

Ruby & Gold

O.G. Blue (Navy) & Spanish Yellow

O.G. Blue (Navy) & Orange

French Blue & FM Yellow

O.G. Blue (Navy) & FM Yellow

Black & Spanish Yellow

Canada Red & Spanish Yellow

Canada Red & Nickel *

Irish Green & Canada Red

O.G. (Navy) & White

White & Canada Red *

White & Irish Green *

Irish Green & Spanish Yellow *

White & Royal Blue *

White & French Blue *

O.G. Blue (Navy) & Gold *

U.N. Blue & White *

O.B. Blue (Navy) & Daffodil (Maize) *

Red, White and Blue Patriotic

(Available in 14′ x 24″ and 8′ by 18″)

Custom Color Pennants

(Available in 8′ x 18″ and 14′ x 24″)

Please allow up to two weeks for custom color pennants.

Online ordering for custom colors is not currently available, please call 800.525.6424 for pricing.



Golden Poppy


O.G. Red








U.N. Blue


Blue Flower



Emerald Green

Mint Green

D.M. Green




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