Festivals & Events

Increase attention and attendance while adding color and vibrancy to your festival and events. Whether you are emphasizing entrances or different areas such as food, First Aid stations, restrooms and entrances, Dori Pole Pennant System is perfect for permanent and temporary solutions.


Show your team spirit in a fun and unique fashion! Easy to transport and set up the 19' three-piece Dori Pole and wheel stand steps up your game while tailgating. With two-color pennants available in popular combinations, represent your school pride at games from the parking lot or as part of the festivities. The Dori Pole Pennant System is a great way to highlight different stations at events - starts and finishes / entrances / first aid - you name it - we have a color for it!

Lake Homes & Cottages

Along with the beauty that it has become known for, one of the unexpected perks of putting up a Dori Pole on the waterfront is that it acts like a scarecrow. Put one on a dock or a raft and the geese, gulls and other wildlife tend to stay away. Read Rippling in the Wind, special to Lake Life Magazine, which talks more about using Dori Pole as a goose poop deterrent.

Real Estate

Promote open houses in a creative fashion that not only entices perspective homeowners to stop but also demonstrates financially and environmentally responsible alternatives to balloons.

Golf Courses

The Dori Pole Pennant System is a natural fit for golf courses. Appealing in color and the playful celebration of the pennants, it also provides a bonus benefit as a bird deterrent on the course without disrupting the golfer's concentration.

Retail & Auto Centers

Make a statement from a distance with vibrant flows of color dancing in the wind. Installed temporarily or permanently, the Dori Pole Pennant System offers unique advertising and promotional opportunities with an extensive color choice for all seasons and marketing strategies.

No more
bird problems!

Put one on a dock or a raft and the geese, gulls and other wildlife tend to stay away.

Multiple mounting options

Mounting brackets for any application.

Find your
favorite color

Available in many of your favorite sports team colors & can be a great addition to tailgating events.