Mark Holes for the Perfect Social Distancing Sport with Pennant Flags

Whether you’re setting up a golf course for the first time or would like to give your course a fresh look for every hole, you can effectively mark where each is with effective, eye-catching pennant flags. Specially designed and built to last, the pennant and pole system from Dori Pole can be the perfect way […]

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Bring Out School Spirit with Dori Pole Pennant Flags

School is back in session, and, with the fall season upon us, that means you can fly pennant flags from Dori Pole to support your favorite school teams. Whether high school or college, you can support your local or state team in an eye-catching way that is sure to accent any occasion. If you have […]

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Prepare Waterfronts with a Fiberglass Pole and Pennant

As steady, warm temperatures continue and your lakefront property gets docks and boat lifts in the water, you can add an element of fun and beauty to the collection with a fiberglass pole and pennant from Dori Pole. A simple, yet effective solution to beautifying any area, your waterfront can be given color and motion […]

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Beautify Outdoor Dining with Colorful Pennant Flags

If you own a restaurant that offers outdoor seating, you can spruce it up when it reopens this spring by adding colorful pennant flags! A great way to add color and motion to your setup, the pennant flags from Dori Pole can visually improve almost any location. Especially great in areas that have frequent winds, […]

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Take Care of Pennant Flags During Winter Weather

We’ve talked about before how you can fly your pennant flags from Dori Pole year-round, but, given the crazy weather that we’ve experienced this winter, we have some suggestions to make your flags last. If you live in an area dealing with heavy sleet, winds, or worse, Dori Pole wants to help you keep your […]

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Dori Pole Pennant Flags Adds A Burst Of Color and Whimsy To Community Events

Pennant flags have been around for centuries because we all enjoy a burst of color combined with the graceful movement of the fabric dancing with the wind.  Available in a multitude of one and two-color designs, Dori Poles add a festive feel to community events, and our different sizes and options guarantee you’ll find the […]

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Get Your Game Face On With A Collegiate Pennant

Are you one of those super fans that wears your lucky jersey, miss-matches your socks, and gets the exact same food ready for game day? Cool! You’re not alone, especially at our offices. Rivalries go hand in hand with game day rituals – and our collegiate pennant flags are a great way to show off […]

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Dori Pole Complete Kits Include Everything You Need

The easiest way to start your own Dori Pole collection is with one of our Complete Dori Pole kits. Our whimsical pennant flags and poles add a beautiful design element to any outdoor space. Dori Poles are found at homes, businesses, golf courses, festivals, colleges, weddings and tailgating events. Customers love to see our long, […]

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Promote Your Neighborhood Garage Sales with a Pennant Flag from Dori Pole!

While we’re in the throes of winter, it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s favorite time of the year: spring cleaning! Well, maybe it’s not anyone’s favorite but it’s a time-honored tradition and an unfortunate necessity. Every year, thousands of local communities band together to hold neighborhood-wide garage sales to recycle unwanted items culled from […]

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Mark the Occasion with a Glorious, Vibrant Dori Pole Pennant Flag

Tis the season for all manner of occasions: rousing holiday parties, block-encompassing retail sales and charitable fundraising events. With so many occasions on the calendar – and on the streets – it can be difficult to find ways to distinguish your event from your competitors. Competition doesn’t necessarily have to mean retail, either! What if […]

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