Boost Foot Traffic – and Sales! – at Your Next Retail Event with Dori Pole Pennant Flags

If you’ve noticed lagging attendance – and sales – at your retail events, you are likely looking for new, affordable ways to promote them. Sure, you could pursue a new marketing campaign, be it television, radio or billboards, but those are “one and done” promotions that don’t help you in the future. While they’re great […]

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Crowded Event? Distinguish Yourself With Stunning Pennants From Dori Pole!

Most vendors have been there… you roll up to a crowded event, unpack your wares, set up your displays and realize that you’re awash in a sea of competition. Maybe it’s a local art fair. Maybe it’s a neighborhood garage sale. Maybe it’s a food truck rally. No matter what the event is – or […]

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Draw a Crowd and Attract Customers to Your Next Outdoor Event with Dori Pole Pennant Flags

Are you planning and outdoor festival? A food truck rally? An art festival or a community garage sale? If so, you’re undoubtedly looking for creative ways to increase foot traffic and announce the event to nearby pedestrians. Well, you’re in luck! Dori Pole pennant flags are a time-tested and proven way to raise awareness while […]

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