If you’ve noticed lagging attendance – and sales – at your retail events, you are likely looking for new, affordable ways to promote them. Sure, you could pursue a new marketing campaign, be it television, radio or billboards, but those are “one and done” promotions that don’t help you in the future. While they’re great for raising awareness for a single upcoming event, they don’t help you during your next promotion… or the one after that. Rather than invest in fifteen minutes of airtime, we encourage you to look at the long term by asking, “What can I do to boost foot traffic, raise awareness and bring more customers to my event… both now and in the future?”

We’re happy to tell you that we’ve already answered this question for you! Dori Pole pennant flags are a cost-efficient and effective way to raise – literally raise – awareness for your business’ events. By flying one of our pennants, you alert the entire neighborhood, the entire city to your presence and will, undoubtedly, draw in curious visitors who can be converted to paying customers.

Above all, though, our pennant flags aren’t just a “one and done” solution… they can be reused for promotion after promotion, year after year. Because of this, you can use the money that you’ve saved to promote future events in other novel ways. Draw in customers with our flags and convince them to stay with entertainment or appetizers. With Dori Pole raising awareness, your options and, most importantly, your budget aren’t limited!

At Dori Pole, we strive to provide retailers with effective ways to promote their upcoming events. Our aim is to provide an affordable, reusable way to draw more foot traffic to your area… to direct customers where they need to be: your event! If you’ve been looking to boost attendance at your store’s events, be sure to visit our online shop today!

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