Enjoy a Bird Free Lakeside property With Bird Deterrent Pennant Flags

Spring is here, and if you own a lake house, you know that soon you’ll be able to enjoy some time on the water. While warmer weather may bring with it all sorts of lakeside activities, it also can bring birds to your docks and waterfronts. Helping to ward pest birds away, when you need […]

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Enjoy a Bird Free Lakeside Property With Pennant Flags From Dori Pole

As summer comes to an end you may want to get in as much time on the lake as you can. While you are getting the most out of your lakeside property, you can still prevent pest birds from making a mess as you enjoy this last month of summer. If you are looking for […]

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Keep Your Lakeside Property Bird Free With Bird Deterring Pennant Flags

If you own any property near a body of water, you know that summer brings with it all sorts of lakeside activities. However, while summer may mean warmer weather, it also means that seagulls, geese, and other birds are returning to lakes and waterfronts. It can be frustrating to have your property be set upon […]

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Pennant Flags for Spring Boating Activities

Pennant flags have long been used as a way to decorate outdoor water activities, and with the arrival of warmer weather, more and more people are getting ready to get out on the water. Pennant flags make for a great way to decorate not only your pontoon boats and docks, but they also function as […]

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Prepare for a New Season with Event Pennants

As we enter the last month of summer, a new season of events is coming up that event pennants can assist in both advertising as well as decorating. Dori Pole provides a pennant and fiberglass pole system that has been used for decades by those interested in having beautiful color and motion added to their […]

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Why Choose Dori Pole as Your Bird Deterrent Method

As we get a good way into summer, you may be wondering why others have chosen Dori Pole as their bird deterrent method to protect their waterfront. We at Dori Pole encourage any who currently have a problem with birds making messes of their beachfront to also consider Dori Pole to protect what matters most […]

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A Dependable Bird Deterrent Protects Shorelines for Summer

As we get into the start of spring and bird deterrents become more necessary due to returning avian groups, lakefront owners can protect their shoreline with an effective Dori Pole. Geese are one of the biggest offenders this time of year in making shorelines unpleasant because of the mess that they make, but they can […]

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Set Yourself Up for a Successful Summer with a Decorative and Harmless Bird Deterrent

With winter in full swing, homeowners have plenty of time to consider a decorative and harmless bird deterrent for their waterfront before we roll forward into summer. Those that have waterfront property, whether business or residential, know that when geese come back for the summer, they can often leave a big mess day after day. […]

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Waterfronts Stay Protected with Harmless Bird Deterrents from Dori Pole

We keep getting closer to summer, and that means a harmless bird deterrent from Dori Pole can be your waterfront’s best friend. A pennant and pole from Dori Pole are the proven effective system that you can take advantage of to ensure that birds do not cause too much of a mess on your waterfront […]

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Depend on an Effective Bird Deterrent to Protect Property in the New Year

With a New Year comes another cycle of bird migration that you can protect your properties from with a harmless bird deterrent. Dori Pole is a great way that you can protect outdoor spaces from birds while also adding a bit of flair to the spot you put one in. Our customers have used our […]

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