Three More Great Uses for Your Dori Pole Pennant Flag!

In our last post, we offered up three ingenious uses for your Dori Pole pennant flag. Well, why stop there? Dori Poles have so many uses that we could write an entire novel about them! So, if you’ve been wondering about the best uses for your new Dori Pole, you’re in the right place! In […]

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Three Ingenious Uses for Your New Dori Pole Pennant Flag

So you pulled the trigger, added a Dori Pole to your cart and now it’s on its way to your doorstep. But, now what? What can you do with your new pennant flag? What daily, weekly, monthly and yearly events will be made easier – or more effective – by your purchase? Well, this post’s […]

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Bird Deterrent

Fly a Dori Pole to Keep Your Dock, Patio or Lawn Clean This Summer

With the full heat of summer upon us, it’s almost impossible to miss the geese, ducks and other nuisance birds as they mill about. While they add a native, rustic charm to the backdrop of the already pleasant views around us, they also have a tendency to spoil that charm with their droppings. Whether they’re […]

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Limited Edition Specialty Pennants Now Available!

If you’re a regular visitor of our site, you may have noticed that we’ve recently added an exciting new product to our online shop. Adding a selection of unique, limited edition pennant flags, we’re giving retailers, event holders, organizers and homeowners even more ways to draw attention to their property, deter birds and attract visitors. […]

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Kukui’ula Shopping Center in Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii Welcomes Visitors With Dori Poles!

Dori Pole pennants have been utilized in countless outdoor settings in the past twenty-five years. Whether they’re being used to draw attention to an upcoming event, guide guests toward a designated location or to add some vibrancy to the area, our pennants are a unique, perpetually stylish way to add some flair to your surroundings. […]

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Troublesome Geese Turning Your Property into a Danger Zone? Create a Dori Pole Zone!

We get a lot of questions about our products, especially in regards to their effectiveness as a bird deterrent. So, once and for all, the answer to the question, “Does Dori Pole really prevent birds away from places that it’s installed?” is a resounding, definitive, “Yes!” While I can’t remember, precisely, how we learned about […]

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Dori Pole Pennants Are Perfect For Residential Use

Good news! Dori Poles aren’t just for promoting municipal events and festivals. They aren’t just perfect for advertising your business. No, they make an amazing addition to residential properties as well! Whether you’re using them to define a sense of space, demarcate and draw attention to your garden or employing them as a bird deterrent, […]

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Why Dori Poles Are a Great Addition to Your Marina

Dori Poles are great for drawing attention to your business. With pennants flying between 13.5 feet and 22 feet in the air, they’re able to capture the attentions of even the most inattentive customers. Not only that, but our Dori Poles serve a number of other important functions, such as deterring nuisance birds and keeping […]

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Keep Your Fairways Goose-Free With Dori Pole Pennants!

“These pennant things are amazing! The geese are actually afraid of them,” says golf pro Dick Stewart of the Kalamazoo Country Club. For a long time, John Fulling, the superintendent of the country club, had been searching for a way to deter geese from leaving messes on the 12th and 13th tees. The club is […]

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Dori Pole Cottage and Lake House Customers are Great!

With the use of Dori Pole Pennants on the rise in cottages and lake homes across America, their owners are quickly becoming some of our favorite customers! Not only are they telling us about how they’re using our products, they’re having a blast while doing it! So, when we get a chance to talk to […]

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