With a New Year comes another cycle of bird migration that you can protect your properties from with a harmless bird deterrent. Dori Pole is a great way that you can protect outdoor spaces from birds while also adding a bit of flair to the spot you put one in. Our customers have used our products for years as a way to keep birds off of their property, so take advantage of Dori Pole in the New Year to protect yours too!

Great by the water

Because birds that are migrating often makes stops at lakefront properties, these can often be ones that benefit the most from the inclusion of a Dori Pole pennant flag and fiberglass pole system. Docks can be protected from waste left behind by birds and lakefront lawns and beaches can also be kept in great condition without nuisance birds leaving messes everywhere. We know that those on the waterfront take pride in and enjoy spending time on the beach, so we at Dori Pole encourage the use of our pennant and pole system to function as your harmless bird deterrent all year-round.

Easy use bird deterrent

When your fiberglass pole has been put in place where you need it, the process of including whatever pennant you want to fly is made easy thanks to the great design offered by Dori Pole. A permanent pole setting can be installed wherever you need on your property so that you can swap out your pennants with the seasons to have all your favorite designs while protecting your land from nuisance birds.

With a dedicated bird deterrent kit even offered in our online shop, Dori Pole provides waterfront homes and businesses with a great way to harmlessly deter birds to keep property clean and free of nuisance birds. Contact us today to get started on your order to deter birds in the New Year.

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