When you want motion added to your outdoor decorations this holiday season, Dori Pole’s pennant flag and fiberglass pole system can give you the tools you need. Weather-resistant and capable of standing up year-round, pennant flags on a Dori Pole system will give you bright and colorful, visually-pleasing outdoor decorations where and when you want them. And, with a simple installation process, you can get your Dori Pole up and flying easily before the holidays are finally here.

Pennant flag colors to match

With the holidays just around the corner, most homes have started putting up lights, outdoor decorations, and more. With the pennant flag and pole system from Dori Pole, you can fly pennants that show off the colors of the holidays. Whether it is a flag showing off bright greens, reds, and white for the Christmas season, or a blue and white flag to celebrate Hanukkah, Dori Pole has different options available for you. And, with custom pennant flag options, you can get pennants that are designed stylistically in a way that catches the eyes of passerby’s and brings bright holidays colors to your home or business.

A year-round decoration

The pennant flags and fiberglass pole system from Dori Pole is one that is designed to last you all year-round, meaning each holiday season you can have the same great decorations. When the snow starts falling, you can bring out your holiday colors and proudly fly them at your home or business to show support for the cheer of the season. The easy-to-manage design of Dori Pole means that swapping out your pennant with the seasons is a simple task that anyone can do.

Beautiful, flowing decorations for the holiday season are only a phone call away! Contact Dori Pole today to get started on an order for a pennant and pole for your outdoor spaces.

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