Because COVID cases have stayed high, none of us can go support our favorite teams in person, so you can instead do so from home by displaying their colors on eye-catching pennant flagpoles from Dori Pole. We know how enthusiastic fans are to support their favorite teams, so, whether you’re a fan of hockey, basketball, or any other fall/winter sport, you can get a great way to show your support by investing in Dori Poles and pennants.

Permanent support

Designed for permanent, concrete-set installations, the ground sleeve for 13.5’, 19’, and 22’ Dori Poles can give your home the best support for your sports pennant and pole setup. Once your ground sleeve from Dori Pole has been situated in concrete, it is easier than ever for you to display your pennant and fiberglass pole by simply inserting them into the casing. The casing and solid concrete around it will ensure that no matter what winds your pennant and pole face, they get great support that will help them from coming out of the ground.

Match branding

With so many color options available for the pennants of our pennant and pole system, you are sure to find a great match for your sports team using our two-color flags. We carry all the standard color combinations you could need and can accommodate your order with whatever custom pennants you need as well. Our team has worked with customers from all around, and we know how to create the best pennants that our customers can appreciate for the fall and winter sports seasons. Long-lasting and brightly dyed to be noticeable from far away, see the difference with pennants from Dori Pole.

A pennant flag system that cannot be beat, Dori Pole offers your property a year-round way to support all your favorite sports teams. No matter what size of pole you decide on, Dori Pole will help you show off your support for sports in an effective and eye-catching way.

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