As crazy as it feels to say, fall is already upon us this year, and you can decorate fall festivities appropriately with Dori Pole’s custom pennants and poles. The perfect decoration to accompany any outdoor setting, Dori Pole can give you an additional way to make your festivities bright and colorful. Whether it is a family gathering or a city-planned event, Dori Pole is the best resource you have for outdoor decorations and markers.

Match the month

The custom pennants available at Dori Pole allow you to find the perfect color match for the festivities you’re planning. With oranges and browns to match the changing leaves of autumn or other bright colors to match whatever your events branding or need might be, Dori Pole has all the different options to help you make the best decision. And, we can even do custom designs that can have a specific pattern. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your outdoor décor is as good as it can be.

Swivel for fall

As we know, fall can often bring with it windy conditions. It is on these windy days that you will be glad you chose Dori Pole for your outdoor flag and pole option. Offering a swiveling design that is perfect in even some of the heaviest wind conditions, your Dori Pole rotates in the wind to avoid bending your pole or causing your flag to flow at a direction that could cause it to become damaged. This innovative design means longer-lasting pennants, allowing you to use them again and again every time the fall season comes around.

With decades of design experience under our belt, Dori Pole can give you the best pennant and pole for outdoor decorations this fall season. Contact us to get started on your order and craft the perfect custom pennant today!

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