When thinking of decorations for your wedding day, consider bringing vibrant colors and eye-catching motion to your outdoor venue with a pennant flag and flagpole from Dori Pole. Outdoor venues can sometimes be a challenge when trying to decide on what will look best, but Dori Pole makes this decision easy through easy installation, wonderful pennants, and motion that can bring a unique and effective presentation to your wedding day.

Match your colors

It’s important that the decorations you decide on have options that allow you to match the color of them to your wedding colors to make sure that everything is uniform and presentable. Dori Pole’s pennant flags come in a large variety of colors, allowing you to find the perfect match to your wedding colors. This can be in the form of single color pennants that you can order in either color, or two-tone pennants that can have both colors together on a single pennant. Each option will flow in the wind to display your colors in an effective way, making sure everyone knows the beautiful colors you’ve chosen for your special day.

Easy setup

Dori Pole is designed to make installation easy, meaning no extra concerns as you set up for your big day. Utilizing our Ground Stake or Ground Sleeve Jr., your flag and flagpole can be driven into the ground easily and be trusted to hold through your entire wedding. As long as your soil is ready to hold your Dori Pole, you can have a simple and effective decoration ready to go. Your special day deserves to be as stress-free as possible, and Dori Pole can bring you quality decoration without added concerns.

As a trusted pennant flag system used around the world, Dori Pole is your dependable resource for quality outdoor wedding decorations. Contact us to get yours ordered in time for your special day to bring color and motion where you need it.

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