Whether you’re setting up a golf course for the first time or would like to give your course a fresh look for every hole, you can effectively mark where each is with effective, eye-catching pennant flags. Specially designed and built to last, the pennant and pole system from Dori Pole can be the perfect way to mark parts of your course for visitors so they know exactly where to go as they’re out on the green.

Mark locations

By utilizing Dori Pole’s pole and pennant system, you can mark where each hole starts to make it easier on course goers to navigate your green. Especially useful for anyone coming to your course for the first time, Dori Pole is the eye-catching system that can help your course’s clarity on how it should be navigated. And, with the option of custom pennants from Dori Pole, you can even create a banner with each hole’s number that it’s associated with, making navigating your course easier than ever.

Show the wind

While golfing, wind can play an important role on where and how you hit the ball, and the pennant flags from Dori Pole can be every golfer’s best friend for this. Set on a fiberglass pole with a rotating yoke, the pennant part of the Dori Pole system rotates with the wind, always showing you where it’s blowing, even the slightest breeze. This can help set up your guests for success while they’re on the course, making sure that they’re at no disadvantage posed because of a little windy weather.

With golfing being a sport that can be played while easily socially distancing, it’s a popular one for many in their spare time right now that can be made a better overall experience with Dori Pole. Improve your golf course today by ordering your own Dori Pole systems and get your pennants flying!

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