With the weather getting hot and staying hot, many who live on waterfront properties are sure to take advantage of this weather, and they can enjoy their property even more when proudly flying a pennant from a fiberglass pole. Dori Pole is the effective pennant and pole system that provides properties with the simple addition that adds complex motion and color to any setting.

Lakeside mounting options

When mounting your fiberglass pole and pennant, Dori Pole offers a variety of mounting options that are great for lakefront properties. If flying your pennant from your yard is your preference, the standard ground stake or ground sleeve are great options for your property. These are what are normally used for flying and pennant on a pole even when not at the lake, but they work just as well on a lakefront, giving the strong hold that only the ground can give. If you have a dock that is sturdy enough to hold your pennant and pole, we also offer the complete dock mount kit that comes with everything you need to fly your Dori Pole out on the water. This can add a great addition to your dock by adding color and motion to your beachfront while also marking it with unique colors so that you can always know which is yours when out on the water.

Show Support

Whether you’re showing support for your favorite team, your patriotism, or any other reason to have a specific set of colors on your pennant, Dori Pole offers a large selection of colors of pennants to let you do so! We care about helping our customers make their fiberglass pole and pennant as personalized and as perfect for their property as possible, so you can depend on our options of colors and customer service deliver the best.

A trusted pennant and pole system that has been used for years, Dori Pole can help any lakefront property get the appearance that it’s been waiting for. Order yours today!

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