Bring Color to Spring Celebrations with Colorful Pennant Flags

With the arrival of warmer weather, more and more people are going to be taking time to enjoy the warmer weather. Whether it’s an outdoor sporting event, a spring fair, or an outdoor celebration, you can help enhance the atmosphere of any outdoor space with colorful outdoor decorations. Offering pennant flags and full kits that […]

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Bring Attention to Your Business With During Marketing Events With Eye-Catching Pennant Flags

When you are looking to bring attention to your business, you want to make sure you have an eye-catching outdoor decoration it needs to grab the attention of passersby. Helping to grab the attention of potential customers by providing an impressive outdoor display, you can count on the pennant flags from Dori Pole to help […]

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Custom Pennant Flags Bring the Spirit of Sports to Your Front Yard

No matter what sports team you support, custom pennant flags are a great way to show support for your favorites by bringing the spirit of the team right to your front yard. Many outdoor stadiums utilize pennant flags because of the eye-catching color and motion that they offer as an outdoor decoration. Combining team spirit […]

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Prepare for a New Season with Event Pennants

As we enter the last month of summer, a new season of events is coming up that event pennants can assist in both advertising as well as decorating. Dori Pole provides a pennant and fiberglass pole system that has been used for decades by those interested in having beautiful color and motion added to their […]

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Custom Pennants Bring a New Look to Standard Setups

Whether you have purchased a Dori Pole and pennant in the past or you have a regular flagpole setup that you are flying for the summer, you can bring an exciting new look with a custom pennant from Dori Pole. Although a regular Dori Pole pennant will still give you a beautiful addition to your […]

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Fiberglass Poles and Pennants Bring Color and Motion to Your Big Day

When planning outdoor weddings, couples often want a bit of a spectacle or something unique, and the fiberglass poles and pennants from Dori Pole can provide them with the perfect solution. With creativity of placement and a slight breeze on your wedding day, a Dori Pole pennant and pole can provide color and motion wherever […]

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Spruce Up Holiday Decorations with a Colorful Custom Pennant

Whether you are actively looking for ways to improve your holiday directions or are looking for a great starting point for them, you can consider a custom pennant and fiberglass pole from Dori Pole. Great for businesses with large outdoor areas, homeowners with a significantly large yard or driveway, and more, our pennant and pole […]

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Bring Motion and Color to Pregame Celebrations with Colorful Pennants

If you have ever been to the pregame of a football game before, then you know that colorful pennants can liven up an area while showing team spirit. Pregame celebrations are a great time to spend time with others who share your enthusiasm for your favorite team, and a quality pennant and pole from Dori […]

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Fall Festivals Benefit from Quality Custom Pennants

With fall just around the corner, there are many opportunities to get ahead of upcoming fall festivals by ordering quality custom pennants early. Festivals are always made more visually appealing to visitors when there are effective outdoor decorations, and the pennant and pole system from Dori Pole can be the perfect solution. With years of […]

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Marathon Markers are Made Easy with Eye-Catching Pennants

When marathon runners are making their way through a race, the last thing you want them to worry about is where they are headed, and pennants from Dori Pole are the perfect solution. With bright, noticeable colors and eye-catching movement, pennants with a fiberglass pole from Dori Pole can give organizers of marathons the perfect […]

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