If you have ever been to the pregame of a football game before, then you know that colorful pennants can liven up an area while showing team spirit. Pregame celebrations are a great time to spend time with others who share your enthusiasm for your favorite team, and a quality pennant and pole from Dori Pole can help to liven up the area that you are parked at with color and motion to really add to your celebration.

Easy setup and take down

When you bring Dori Pole’s pennant and pole onto a pregame celebration site, the design of Dori Pole makes your setup and take down a quick and painless process. Dori Pole is design for easy installation wherever you need to put it, and our wheel stand mounting bracket is the simplest option for when you are out pregaming from out of or around your vehicles. Displaying our 19’ three-piece Dori Pole and the 13.5” mid-rise Dori Pole from wherever you park, simply drive over top of the wheel stand to hold it in place, and you have the steady base that you need to display Dori Pole pennants with confidence. Years of development and testing has led to our designs for Dori Pole, so you know that you are always getting the best equipment that makes setup and take down easy when you work with Dori Pole.

Pennants show off spirit the best

Visible to everyone in the area and exciting as a decoration, the pennant and pole system from Dori Pole is a great way for you to show off team spirit. With a large variety of colors available for your pennants, you can easily find ones from our inventory to match your favorite team’s colors and show off your spirit the right way. Available in single color and side-by-side two-color options, you can get the perfect flag that works for your pregame celebration so you can fly it with pride. No matter how crowded your area is, your friends and family will be able to find you thanks to your pennant and pole.

Lightweight, vibrant, and ready to provide you with a quality decorative experience, Dori Pole pennants and poles can help you show off spirit this fall with each football game you go to. To learn more about the pennants that we have available or get started on an order, get in contact with a representative today!

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