With fall just around the corner, there are many opportunities to get ahead of upcoming fall festivals by ordering quality custom pennants early. Festivals are always made more visually appealing to visitors when there are effective outdoor decorations, and the pennant and pole system from Dori Pole can be the perfect solution. With years of experience in providing our customers with quality Dori Pole systems, Dori Pole by Consort can help you find the pole and pennant that work best for your event to bring color and motion where it is needed.

Locations big and small benefit

Whether you are a small, local venue that is part of a seasonal celebration or are part of a planning committee for a large-scale event for your town or city, custom pennants and fiberglass poles from Dori Pole will give you the quality advertising tool necessary to really make an impression. Perfect for showing entrances to festivals, marking where specific stalls or stands might be, or just to add an overall great decoration to the venue, Dori Pole can be the solution you need for your festival. With an easy setup and takedown, you can benefit from Dori Pole, no matter how many hands-on-deck you have to help you.

Custom pennants for short or long term

Depending on how long your festival is going for, you may need a more permanent way to install Dori Pole for the duration of the event or a short-term solution to get your pennant and pole up. Dori Pole provides a variety of ways that you can get color and motion in the air through mounting brackets that all give you a different way to have a strong hold for your fiberglass pole and pennant. For more temporary mounting, you can take advantage of the wheel stand mounting bracket. If your event is running for days, and you want a solution to last through it, try the ground stake and ground sleeve options. Whatever you need for mounting, our team can help you find a solution.

A timeless, beautiful solution to adding outdoor decorations or markers to a festival area, Dori Pole is the pennant and pole system you can count on. For upcoming fall festivals and events, you can greet visitors the right way by guiding them into your space with the bright, attractive look of Dori Pole custom pennants.

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