With Dori Pole fiberglass poles and pennants, anyone looking for the right size for outdoor decorations can find something perfect. Just like a telescoping flagpole, our options of Dori Pole rotate with even the heaviest of winds, so you can comfortably leave them out through an event without worry. By offering different sizes, Dori Pole is the perfect pennant and pole system to help with outdoor decorations in a way that is unobtrusive, fits to your needs, and can be adjusted again and again.

Sizes of Dori Pole available for customers

Dori Pole comes in four different sizes that our customers can take advantage of to complete outdoor decorations with ease. From our 12’ Jr. two-piece Dori Pole to the two-piece 22-foot telescoping pole, there is a big difference between the heights of our poles that allow you to make the best decision based on what you need. If the area you are putting your Dori Pole in has a lot of underbrush or other things that you need it to stand above, you can go for a taller option, whereas the smaller one serves as a great use for open areas with little obstruction. No matter what you need outdoor decorations for, Dori Pole will give you the eye-catching objects you need to bring attention to a space.

Put fiberglass pole and pennants where you need

When you choose Dori Pole for your outdoor decorations, you have a lot of options as to where you can put them effectively. We offer different options of mounting brackets that all securely hold your fiberglass pole and pennants to ensure they stays up through your event, even on a windy day. The options available for Dori Pole are a dock mount kit, ground sleeve, ground stake, and wheel stand. Each option provides a versatile way to put your Dori Pole where you need, making your outdoor decorations work how you need them to.

Having designed and provided pennants and poles to people since 1984, Dori Pole is the experienced and trusted company that you can depend on for all your outdoor decorations for future events. With different sizes available, you can find the perfect Dori Pole to suit your needs. Our team will work with you to discuss what can best benefit your space and help you plan for Dori Pole placement. Contact us soon to learn more about Dori Pole products and how they can best work for you!

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