From wedding venues to amusement parks, entrances into outdoor areas can be made perfect with the addition of a pennant and pole from Dori Pole. Especially great where there is a large amount of foot traffic on a day-to-day basis or great to set up for special event, Dori Pole adds color, movement, and an overall beautiful addition wherever it is installed. By investing in bundles of Dori Pole, you can line entryways on either side of walkways, make driveways look like a dream, and find the best way to accent an entry with ease.

Match to whatever you need

The colorful pennant options from Dori Pole mean that your entryway accents can always be made to match what you need them to. Holidays, birthday parties, and more can easily be accented with the appropriate colors from your Dori Pole pennants. If you have a business that wants permanent installations of Dori Pole, you can find pennants that match either the landscape, your business’s branding colors, or whatever else you might need. We work with our customers to ensure that their pennant and pole needs are met, so they can always get the perfect color for their entrance area.

Pennant and poles that are easy to manage

Compared to a permanent installation that can cause you trouble year after year when you have to take it down for the winter, Dori Pole makes the process of adding color and motion easy. Capable of being left up through winter, you can have great options for entrance decorations year-round. Or, if you would rather bring it in because either business is slow, or you want to take extra protections for your gear, the simple pennant and pole, and ground sleeve, can make the process of moving your pole for temporary amounts of time simple. And, with different sizes available, you can get whatever size fits your space while still allowing you to take care of it easily.

Swiveling in the wind and providing flashes of color, Dori Pole can give any entrance the accent it needs to really shine for any venue. With a variety of different pennant options available and different kits available for purchase for quick and easy setup, you can make Dori Pole part of your entryway aesthetic. Contact us today to get started on an order and take the first step toward a better entrance for your business with an effective pennant and pole.

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