When marathon runners are making their way through a race, the last thing you want them to worry about is where they are headed, and pennants from Dori Pole are the perfect solution. With bright, noticeable colors and eye-catching movement, pennants with a fiberglass pole from Dori Pole can give organizers of marathons the perfect tools to display the starting line, the track that runners are competing on, and the finish line. Whatever color or pattern marathon organizers need so they can mark areas, Dori Pole’s pennants can provide it.

Reusable and long-lasting pennants make it easy

Because pennants and poles from Dori Pole are reusable, marathon organizers can utilize them year after year. Professionally crafted to last for years, the pennant and pole system from Dori Pole can easily be places along a marathon race from start to finish. No matter how windy the day of the marathon ends up being, the pennants can rotate to ensure that they do not face too much strain even when hung up all day long days before a race in preparation. The rotating yoke allows the pennants to swivel with the wind so that they are never overly strained by winds of even high speeds, meaning they will last longer than your typical pennant.

Our pennants match the theme of the day

Depending on what the marathon being organized is for, Dori Pole pennants can be ordered to match the colors of the cause. Whether it is a run to support veterans that needs a set of red, white, and blue pennants or a St. Patrick’s Day run that needs a flash of green along the road, Dori Pole can supply the perfect pennants for the occasion. And, to finish off the race, you can even request a custom pennant that has a checkered pattern for the finish line!

Lightweight, flexible, and built to last, Dori Pole is the best solution for marking a marathon race path this summer. If you are an organizer that is wondering about how to decorate your raceway for runners to not only guide them but add a flash of exciting color for the crowd, consider the pennant and pole system from Dori Pole. We have helped provide pennants for races in the past and are sure to have exactly what you need to decorate yours. To get started on an order for your upcoming races, give our team a call and get on your way to a better-decorated marathon.

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