We keep getting closer to summer, and that means a harmless bird deterrent from Dori Pole can be your waterfront’s best friend. A pennant and pole from Dori Pole are the proven effective system that you can take advantage of to ensure that birds do not cause too much of a mess on your waterfront year after year.

Style your protective gear

With a variety of options available to bring color to your outdoor spaces while protecting them, Dori Pole is a great way to have style for your space. From standard single colors to dual color pennants, or even custom designs, Dori Pole has the capability to make your waterfront stand out and really make it your own. Protecting your waterfront should not include large gear or unsightly tools. Dori Pole provides a way to keep birds away without hurting them at all, but also a valuable piece of gear that looks great wherever you put it and with whatever pennant you choose.

All season bird deterrent

Because Dori Pole is best used when you have fun in the sun, you also utilize it as a bird deterrent during the time of year that birds are most likely to disrupt your waterfront. We have had past buyers report how effective Dori Pole has been at deterring geese and other birds from congregating on their waterfront, as they act as a type of scarecrow. Find the right mounting option for your waterfront or dock and watch as Dori Pole provides the best bird deterrent available that is completely harmless.

A lightweight and flexible option for your waterfront, Dori Pole is the easy-to-manage, harmless bird deterrent you need. Contact our sales representatives to learn more about what Dori Pole can do for you in helping deter birds on your waterfront for the future.

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