With many starting to get vaccinations alongside spring weather, custom pennants can be a great addition to events that are starting to be scheduled once again. Dori Pole provides a quality fiberglass pole and pennant system that bring flashes of color where they are needed for any outdoor setting. Easy to manage and install, everyone that wants a great way to bring color and motion to any setting can do so with little difficulty.

A recognized and trusted system

Trusted and recognized around the world, the design for Dori Pole is fashioned in a way that can best fill an outdoor space with movement and color using a bright and cheerful pennant. Our pennant and pole system has been utilized by event big and small, from small-scale weddings to something as big as the Olympics. With even the lightest breeze, your Dori Pole pennant will give color in motion, part of the reason why Dori Pole is such a trusted brand all over.

Custom pennants for your purposes

Dori Pole not only creates pennants that can fit the aesthetic of any setting with bright color, but they can also create custom pennants how you need. By simply communicating with our team what design you are looking to create, we can design a custom pennant and craft it to perfection for your outdoor hanging. With almost every color you could think of available for patterns or logos, Dori Pole can help you make the best outdoor pennant around. When you think of adding color to your outdoor event, think Dori Pole.

Having attracted and welcomed individuals to different events since 1984, Dori Pole is the tried-and-true method to easily include color to any outdoor setting. Look through our different options available for our pennant and pole system and find the one that works for you!

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