When planning outdoor weddings, couples often want a bit of a spectacle or something unique, and the fiberglass poles and pennants from Dori Pole can provide them with the perfect solution. With creativity of placement and a slight breeze on your wedding day, a Dori Pole pennant and pole can provide color and motion wherever you put it, bringing a great decoration to your special day.

The team at Dori Pole has helped individuals, groups, businesses, and more find a great solution for their outdoor decorations. Our team will work with you to ensure you get the best pole and pennant for your venue.

Match colors for your day

Whatever the colors of your wedding are, chances are that Dori Pole has options for pennants that perfectly match! We have a large selection of colors available, and Dori Pole pennants can either be bought in a single solid color or 2-color pattern to allow for pennant matching how you think looks best. With your guidance and our team’s supply of quality products, you can get the perfect outdoor decoration.

By matching the colors of your pennant to your wedding colors, you can provide a bright and eye-catching decoration that will immediately bring a smile to your guests.

An easy, complete process

With your big day, there is more than enough to worry about in terms of planning guests, catering, timing, and more, so Dori Pole is one thing you don’t have to stress about when it comes time to decorate your venue. The easy-to-install design of Dori Pole and complete Dori Pole kits that come with all the components you need can make for a great experience.

Our team has designed Dori Pole to make it a simple process to install for whatever purpose they are used for, so you can take advantage of this design with confidence during your wedding venue decorating. And, with their durable design, you can even utilize Dori Pole again somewhere down the road for either future events or simply as an outdoor decoration at your future home!

As a pennant and pole system that has been depended on worldwide, you can count on Dori Pole to provide you with the quality decoration you need on your wedding day. A unique and dynamic design, Dori Pole’s fiberglass poles and pennants are your guaranteed way to add excitement, color, and motion to your venue. Contact us today to learn more!

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