As we get into the start of spring and bird deterrents become more necessary due to returning avian groups, lakefront owners can protect their shoreline with an effective Dori Pole. Geese are one of the biggest offenders this time of year in making shorelines unpleasant because of the mess that they make, but they can be harmlessly dissuaded by installing a Dori Pole.

With easy installation and minimal management, Dori Pole can provide a quick and simple way to protect your lakefront from pesky birds leading into warmer months when you will be enjoying those areas most.

Protect both land and equipment

When you install a Dori Pole on your waterfront, you are not only protecting the beach itself from messes that birds may make, but you are also protecting the gear that you get out for warmer months as well. Boats, docks, benches, and more can be kept free of messes made by birds through the simple installation of a pennant and pole with Dori Pole.

This can help save you time and money on cleaning your lakefront from any messes that birds would otherwise make time and again throughout the season, leaving more time for you to enjoy life on the lake.

A harmless bird deterrent solution

Similar in function to a scarecrow, you can harmlessly keep birds away from your lakefront area with the Dori Pole system. We recommend our bird deterrent kit to any customer interested, which provides a 14-foot-long pennant and 19-foot-long pole, the setup that our customers have found the most success with. With various options for installation on your space, you are sure to have somewhere that can easily include a Dori Pole.

And just because you get a bird deterrent for your beachfront, it doesn’t mean that you must lose out on an attractive appearance for it. Dori Pole pennants come in a large variety of options for one, two-color, and customized options so that you can still maintain an attractive waterfront. Whether you pick a color related to a favorite sports team or simply have a color that matches your watercraft, you can find a great choice with Dori Pole.

When you want to bring color and motion to your beach each summer while also protecting it from birds, Dori Pole is here to help. Birds are starting to make their way back to the Midwest as days get warmer, so make sure your beach is protected so you can fully enjoy it this summer!

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