As spring starts to hit us with warmer weather, the colorful pennants from Dori Pole can start to be considered as an option for upcoming outdoor summer events. Planning for outdoor events and festivals always includes how the event will be set up, what kind of decoration will be placed around, and the pennants from Dori Pole are the best addition to add the colors of your event in a fun and exciting way.

Dori Pole has provided pennants of all colors and sizes in our options to events that needed a way to bring attention to their space and impress visitors. No matter what kind of event you are having this summer, a Dori Pole pennant and pole are a great option to include.

A low-stress way to add color to your space

Part of the reason that our customers love including Dori Pole into their outdoor events is because it is such an easy-to-use system. Rather than taking a big chunk of your preparation time figuring out how your decorations are supposed to be put together, you can get everything set up and ready to go with ease using the Dori Pole pennant and pole system. Designed for ease of use while still providing a great option of decoration, you can find a better way to decorate without worry using Dori Pole.

Dori Pole offers complete kits that provide you with a way to have everything you need to quickly put together a pole and pennant for your event. We try to make the process of outdoor decoration easy, and our kits will help you get eye-catching pennants in the air quickly during setup.

Temporary or permanent additions

Whether you host events regularly or have a one-time special event planned this summer, Dori Pole has mounting options available to suit your needs. The ground sleeve is designed for permanent, concrete installations, whereas our ground sleeve jr. and wheel stand mounting equipment are great options for a temporary installation. Either will provide a sturdy hold for Dori Pole installations but give you the full-time or temporary use that you need for your event schedule.

Each mounting option allows for our customers to easily put their fiberglass pole in the ground, and the ease of addition of pennants on the pole means for a simple overall experience for outdoor decoration.

With long flowing pennants in the colors of your event, you are sure to impress visitors to your summer events through the eye-catching addition of Dori Pole. Contact us to learn more or start on an order today!

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