With Dori Pole’s fiberglass poles and pennants, lakefronts, boats, and more can get the color and motion they need to make them appealing to those passing by. From collegiate colors to unique designs, Dori Pole has a variety of options available that individuals can take advantage of to make their property truly shine. With summer just around the corner, it is important that orders for Dori Pole get made now so that property owners can fully take advantage of their Dori Pole.

Whether you want to protect your waterfront or boat from birds or you are simply looking for excellent outdoor decoration, you won’t want to wait on your order of a Dori Pole for the summer.

Keep the mess away

With the Dori Pole fiberglass pole and pennant system, you can harmlessly keep birds away from your water gear this summer. From rafts that float out in the water to docks that are stationed on your waterfront, you can protect both your property in and out of the water with a Dori Pole pennant system. Birds are known to leave messes all throughout waterfront areas during the summer, so make sure yours is protected by ordering early this year.

We sell full kits for our Dori Pole that best works as a bird deterrent to make the process of choosing easy.

Mount wherever you need

The Dori Pole pennant and pole system is used regularly by those on the waterfront, because not only do they know they can keep birds away, but they can also install any Dori Pole with ease in a variety of locations thanks to our different mounting systems that we have available. Providing mounts for rafts, docks, and boats, your waterfront, at any part, can get the Dori Pole pennant and pole that you want. This can bring color and motion to any part of your waterfront, bringing its appeal to the next level.

Our complete kits come with different mounting brackets that are available for the specific size of Dori Pole that the kit offers, so make sure to choose ones that will best work for your property!

Lightweight and easy to work with, Dori Pole is the perfect way to decorate and protect your whole waterfront year after year. With a variety of pennant color options available, you can even change out the look you have depending on what colors you want to show. Contact our team today or get started on an order on our site!

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