Whether you have purchased a Dori Pole and pennant in the past or you have a regular flagpole setup that you are flying for the summer, you can bring an exciting new look with a custom pennant from Dori Pole. Although a regular Dori Pole pennant will still give you a beautiful addition to your shoreline, event, or business, you can take it one step further by getting a customized design.

We enjoy seeing what our customers come up with to really make their space shine. From choosing a symbol that is important to you personally or one that the whole family will enjoy, your options are limitless with Dori Pole custom designs!

Solid color plus a little extra

When you choose Dori Pole, and you are interested in getting a custom designed / imprinted pennant, you can do so with the solid color nylon pennants hat we offer. Then, simply choose a “non-licensed” image to be printed with one or two ink colors, and our team can make it happen. We also carry custom digitally printed pennants! Whether it’s a symbol that is important to you or your family, or you simply want to represent your space with a special marker, you can do so with our custom pennants.

A design team at the ready

If you can think of a logo in your head but can’t get it to translate to a workable design, the team at Dori Pole is happy to help! Our Art Department can design custom pennants for anyone interested, all we charge is a nominal fee for each design. Depending on the quantity of pennants you plan on ordering, what type of design they will have, and other factors, our sales representatives can walk you through the whole process and give an accurate pricing or additional information.

Whatever our customers need, Dori Pole’s team is ready and willing to assist. Mark spaces as definitively “yours” when you choose a custom pennant from Dori Pole.

Simple to change out because of the superior pennant and pole design, Dori Pole allows customers to add a new, custom pennant whenever they feel the need for a change from the norm. Standard setups can be swapped back and forth with holidays, seasons, and more. Contact a member of our team to learn what the options available to you are and to figure out pricing for your new, custom pennant flag.

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