As we get a good way into summer, you may be wondering why others have chosen Dori Pole as their bird deterrent method to protect their waterfront. We at Dori Pole encourage any who currently have a problem with birds making messes of their beachfront to also consider Dori Pole to protect what matters most to them during the summer.

Dori Pole has a long record of success as a bird deterrent that prevents pests from bothering your waterfront while also beautifying the area with flashy motion and color.

A harmless method of deterring

Rather than resort to a method of bird deterrent that might threaten the well-being of innocent animals, Dori Pole is a great option as a harmless way of shooing pesky birds away from your waterfront. Many of the birds that make messes of lakefronts are simply trying to roam around, so you can harmlessly encourage them to do it elsewhere with the installation of a Dori Pole pennant and fiberglass pole.

We at Dori Pole know that despite most lakefront owners getting frustrated with birds making a mess, they would rather not cause harm to the animal, and Dori Pole allows them to get rid of them without any harm caused.

A versatile tool for your use

When you order a Dori Pole pennant and pole, there is nothing stating that you can only use it on your beachfront during the summer! The versatility and ease of installation/removal means that you can use your Dori Pole on the water during the summer, then take it down and use it elsewhere during the spring and fall for events, tailgating, and more. Wherever you want to bring color and motion, Dori Pole is the right choice.

We have satisfied customers who take full advantage of the versatility that Dori Pole has to offer, so we encourage any potential customer thinking about how they might utilize Dori Pole to do the same!

With a huge selection of colors to choose from or the option of a custom pennant to go with your fiberglass pole, there is no shortage of style that lakefront owners can choose for their harmless bird deterrent. With these customization options and a versatile array of uses, there’s no better option for a bird deterrent available. Contact us to learn more about what Dori Pole can do for you and get started on an order!

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