As we enter the last month of summer, a new season of events is coming up that event pennants can assist in both advertising as well as decorating. Dori Pole provides a pennant and fiberglass pole system that has been used for decades by those interested in having beautiful color and motion added to their event spaces. There are many towns throughout the country that have different types of fall festivals, and Dori Pole can help bring a new, memorable look.

Dori Pole provides a visual that won’t soon be forgotten by those coming to your event. For a new look that can make all the difference, consider Dori Pole.

Greet fall with the right banners

Whether you have a harvest festival, Halloween celebration, or any other autumn event, Dori Pole has banners in colors to greet the season right. From our Spanish Yellow to Spice Brown, banners can match the colors of leaves, harvests, and more. We work to provide the best single or double-color banners for every occasion in which they are used.

Or, if you have a custom banner in mind, you can also work with the team at Dori Pole to see what our banners are capable of showing and what options are available to you for your event.

Keep for future events

Because the pennants in the Dori Pole system are so easy to replace, you can easily keep your pennant and pole system for future events past fall. Much like the current transition of summer to fall, Dori Pole pennant colors can be swapped out and used for future events, year after year.

No matter which poles you get with Dori Pole, each offers the same simple, swiveling setup for easy, repeated use. Whatever length of pennant you prefer or need for your space, you can get with the differently sized poles we offer.

Providing gentle motion and the colors of a new season, Dori Pole is the perfect addition for your upcoming events. Whether they are included to help keep birds away from your event space or brought in simply for their attractive appearance, Dori Pole is adds a great decoration anywhere it is utilized. To learn more about what we can do for color or custom designs, how to best use Dori Pole in your space, and more, contact our team today!

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