Dori Pole’s fiberglass poles and pennants are a great option for any outdoor event, and this season’s football games are no exception. When you want to add color and motion to gameday, a Dori Pole pennant and pole system is one of your best options. With a variety of mounting options, choices of color, sizes, and more, a Dori Pole gives both fans and stadium organizers all the benefits necessary to create a welcoming environment driven by team spirit.

The Dori Pole system has helped customers from all over get the gameday decoration to really improve the setting at any stadium. When you want a dependable way to support your team, a Dori Pole is the best option.

In the stadium or before the game

Depending on where you want to fly your team spirit, Dori Pole offers different mounting options that all provide a strong, dependable hold. If you are the manager of organizer of stadium decorations, a ground stake for a grass field or a mounting plate or bracket for the stadium can assist you with getting your Dori Pole pennant in the air for game day. If you are a fan, you can celebrate before the game starts by using our wheel stand!

Whether you order a complete kit or individual parts, Dori Pole has something for everyone. With practically limitless options for your fiberglass poles and pennants, we encourage you to find ones that fit your team!

Home or away games

If you follow your football team to their away games and want to show your support for them, a wheel stand makes a great setup that can be used again and again with easy installation and removal. Whether you are a fan, a vendor, or staff for the stadium or team, Dori Pole helps you throw up your team’s colors to show support in every way available to you.

And, with our huge selection of colors, any team can have support thrown their way. Whether you choose a single or two-color pennant for your Dori pole, your team’s colors can fly high on game day.

Whether you order individual parts for the perfect Dori Pole pennant and pole or you order a complete Dori Pole kit to have everything provided in one easy-to-order spot, your game day decoration will show team spirit like never before. Contact our team to learn more about Dori Pole products and how they can help you support your favorite team!

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