With the holidays here, bright and colorful pennants can help those organizing outdoor events, family gatherings, and more by bringing in holiday cheer. Bright banners can make the perfect additions to any holiday outdoor décor through colors that match the holiday and motion that catches the eye. A simple but effective solution to adding a unique bit of decoration anywhere its needed, a Dori Pole is a great option for many.

Dori Pole from the Consort Display Group offers this pennant and pole system year-round, but they are one of the few that can bring motion and color to the extent that they do for the holidays. Beside your blinking lights and static decorations, Dori Pole is a great addition to bring it all together.

Public events or private celebrations

Whether you are planning a public event for your community or a homeowner that plans big family get-togethers this time of year, the colorful pennants from Dori Pole can work for you. Downtown celebration areas and front yards both benefit the same from the excellent visual appeal of a Dori Pole system. The versatile mounting methods of Dori Pole mean that no matter where you’re thinking of installing them for the season, there is an option for you.

Dori Pole works with customers to ensure they get the perfect Dori Pole kits and the mounting hardware that best fits their location. With our team’s guidance and support, your outdoor decoration experience will be better than ever.

Every color for the holidays

Because the holidays bring with them so many different celebrations, Dori Pole is a great option thanks to our vast selection of colorful pennants. Whether you get a single-color pennant flag or a color combination pennant, your holiday cheer will be front and center wherever you put your pennant and pole.

Dori Pole’s selection of colors can be seen online before you order, allowing you to choose the perfect collection to really make your space shine. Simply choose one of our complete Dori Pole kits or buy individual pieces to put your decoration together, and your holidays will be decorated better than ever.

Used in a variety of settings, Dori Pole is the unique pennant and pole system that you can count on this holidays season for colorful, eye-catching banners. Contact our team to learn more about which Dori Pole you should consider for your space!

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