A New Year is just a few days away, and pennants and poles that are simple to use and eye-catching can help to mark your New Year’s festivals. With many towns and cities hosting annual New Year’s festivals or celebrations somewhere outside for the community, a pennant and pole make for a great way to mark the occasion.

Dori Pole’s pennant and pole system is the preferred method of bringing motion and color to events for many. Through a simple, but effective design, Dori Pole ensures a location gets all the best decoration to bring in a New Year.

Any outdoor space

Parks, parking lots, public squares, and more are all locations that can benefit from a pennant and pole for New Year’s celebrations. Each location has areas where pennants hung from a pole can add color and motion without being put in the way of those attending. With smart placement, you can create a beautiful, welcoming entryway, a decorated square that centers around the ball that will drop, around a stage of performers, and more.

Dori Pole’s pennant and pole system has a large variety of hardware options for helping you install them. From ground installation to wheel stands, there are options available to make the installation process easy and work within the limitations of the space.

Colors for a New Year

The pennants that you select for your New Years festival should allow you to choose colors to match the event. Rather than offer a small, limited pool of options, your outdoor decorations for your event should have every hue and shade to make everything visually come together for an excellent experience for everyone involved.

Dori Pole pennants come in single or two-color options, with a wide range of colors available. This allows the organizer of the event to choose colors to match those of the town or city, the holiday season, and more. We have provided pennants in all combinations of colors for customers over the years, always striving give them an excellent addition for their event.

With different length poles and endless combinations of color for pennants, Dori Pole is your best choice of decoration for outdoor New Year’s festivals. With their lightweight, flexible design, you can install quickly to easily prepare for the event. If you want to add Dori Pole to your outdoor New Year festival, contact our team today!

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