No matter what sports team you support, custom pennant flags are a great way to show support for your favorites by bringing the spirit of the team right to your front yard. Many outdoor stadiums utilize pennant flags because of the eye-catching color and motion that they offer as an outdoor decoration. Combining team spirit with this visual appeal makes for a yard decoration that can’t be beat.

Dori Pole is the perfect pennant and fiberglass pole system for any situation. Whether your team is in the middle of their season, or it is starting up once again in the spring, custom pennant flags from Dori Pole will help you show your support.

Every color combination

When choosing the right pennant to show support for a sports team, one simple but effective way to pick one is to choose a pennant that has your team’s colors on it. Many sports teams have color combinations that are recognizable and unmistakable as being representative of the team their associated with. So, a pennant flown with the right colors can immediately let others know that you support a specific team.

Dori Pole has a large selection of colors available for our 2-color pennant flags, allowing our customers to find the exact color combination that they need to show support for their favorite team. Rather than find colors that are just “close enough” or a pennant system that doesn’t work as well as you would like, trust in Dori Pole instead.

Easy home installation

Not only should custom pennant flags come in all the colors that you need to represent your favorite sports teams, but they should also be simple to install for a great overall outdoor decoration experience. This hardware needs to be built to last, while still allowing anyone to work with it to set up their pennant and pole.

Dori Pole offers its pennant and pole system to customers at home because it is designed for easy installation that even homeowners can handle without heavy equipment. Through the use of ground stakes, bushing tubes, pennants, and poles, Dori Pole provides everything that the homeowner needs to get a secure pennant and pole system in their front yard.

With beautiful pennants that swivel and flow with the wind, your custom pennant and pole systems will catch the eye of anyone passing by to let them know who you support during any season of sports. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can provide to you!

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