When thinking about the applications of fiberglass poles and pennants, one that is often overlooked is the potential of including them on your watercraft. Of course a pennant and pole can fly high wherever you want them to in your yard or beach, but adding them to your pontoon is a way to bring a unique appearance to your craft through exciting, bright colors and eye-catching motion.

Dori Pole is the number one choice when it comes to pennants and poles for any purpose. Our flag and pole system is trusted and used by those from all over, giving them a dependable, beautiful addition to any scene the pennant and pole are part of.

Match any craft

Whether you want a neutral color like white or black, or are interested more in flaunting flashy, bright colors on your pontoon, there are a huge variety ways that you can make a statement while on the water. Another option is to frequently swap out what colors you are using, based on the season, the team you are supporting on gameday, and more.

Dori Pole provides a wide range of colors for customers to choose from that can help them match their boat. From complimentary colors to ones that closely match your craft, we have everything you need when it comes to pennant color options. Simply let us know what you’re looking for, and our team can help you out.

Easy storage each year

With winter currently upon us, yearly storage of a pennant and pole may be on the forefront of our customers minds. Through a versatile design and easy to manage parts, your Dori Pole can easily be stored time and time again so that it stays in pristine condition for as long as possible.

Although Dori Pole can be flown during the winter months as well, you can easily store it during winter while your boat is off the water. The telescoping design of Dori Pole means a simple time shortening and storing your fiberglass pole and pennant when it’s time to store things for the year and easy to set back up when spring comes around again.

The Dori Pole pennant and pole system makes the perfect addition to any watercraft. With spring coming up and summer shortly following, you can start thinking early about how a Dori Pole might help your boat really shine!

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