It’s almost springtime! As the weather warms up, Dori Pole is here to help you bring color into your outdoor spaces with pennant flags. Our flags come in a eight foot and fourteen foot sizes and have a wide variety of designs, so you’ll be able to find the perfect pennant flag to help you celebrate the season.

Our pennants make for perfect event flags

Any outdoor event is better with a bit of color added to it. Our pennants make for perfect festival flags, and Dori Pole Offers complete kits that will help you set your pole and pennant up quickly, making them both a beautiful and fast way to decorate for any spring or summer event.  You can place your pennant flag anywhere thanks to the mounting options that Dori Pole offers. Ground sleeve and ground sleeve Jr pole mounts offer a permanent installation for your pole. If you want to use your pennant for an event or a party where you need a fast and temporary solution Dori Pole’s ground stake allow you to place your pole without spending the extra time to set it up. With fiberglass poles coming in ranges from 12’ up to 19’, Your pennant flag will fly in the wind while remaining sturdy and secure.

Our Pennant flags will help keep away birds

Spring marks the start of boating season, and what better way to keep your boats and docks clean and bird free Dori Pole pennants also work as bird deterrents. Thanks to our dock and pontoon boat mounting kits and brackets, you can both fly a pennant while out on the water, while also keeping your boat and dock free of geese and seagulls. So not only will they look beautiful as they flow in the wind, but they will also allow you to keep birds away from docks, boats, yards and other outdoor spaces where you would rather not have them.

A great way to decorate for every season

Pennant flags aren’t just meant for spring and summer, they can also be used to celebrate the arrival of other seasons, holidays, or even just for parties at any time of year. Our wide variety of colors guarantees that you’ll be able to find a pennant flag that is perfect for just about any occasion you could think of.

Welcome spring with beautiful pennants that help add color to every outdoor occasion. Contact us today so that we can help you find the perfect banner and mount for your springtime activities

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