Pennant flags have long been used as a way to decorate outdoor water activities, and with the arrival of warmer weather, more and more people are getting ready to get out on the water. Pennant flags make for a great way to decorate not only your pontoon boats and docks, but they also function as a way to keep your lakeside property and water vehicles free from nuisance birds. With pennant flags from Dori Pole, you’ll have a way to bring more color to your local lake.

Fly Flashy Pennants While Out on the Water

Our pennant flags are an excellent way to fly beautiful spring colors while enjoying your recreational watercraft. With mounting kits for docks and pontoon’s alike, our Fiberglass poles and pennant flags are easily installed on your dock, or watercraft.  With a variety of colors and patterns available you’ll be able to add a flashy display to your pontoon boat. Adding a pennant flag to your dock makes for an easy and effective way to spot it while out on the lake and are an excellent way to decorate your waterfront.

Keep Birds Away from Your Lakeside Property

If you live on a lake, or if you own a boat, you know that cleaning up the messes left behind by birds can be quite a hassle. Not only will a pennant flag from Dori Pole help bring color to your watercraft, But it will also help you to keep your lakeside property free of geese, seagulls, and other nuisance birds. Dori Pole pennants can work as a scarecrow for a humane and harmless way to deter birds from congregating near your boat. Offering a bird deterrent kit with a 14-foot-long flag and a 19 foot long pole, you’ll be able to deter nuisance birds while adding a decorative flag of your choice to your property.

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your boat, dock, or waterfront, or are just looking for a humane way to keep birds from congregating on your property, Dori Pole has the pennant flags, poles, and mounting methods for you. Browse our shop to find the pennant flag for you or contact us today for more information about the Pennants and other products offered by Dori Pole!

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