Car dealerships need a way to catch the attention of any passersby, and a pennant and pole from Dori Pole can provide the perfect tools for the job. Through an installation system that is designed to be simple and quick, any dealership looking for another way to bring color and motion into their car lot to bring in more customers can find it with Dori Pole.

With a fiberglass pole and nylon pennant at the ready, your dealership can have everything it needs to bring effective color and motion to your property to focus attention where you want.

Advertise new arrivals

If your dealership has received the latest and greatest model of vehicle in the manufacturer that you sell, you can advertise them to passerby by focusing attention on them with Dori Pole. Depending on your space and streetside setup, you can surround a new vehicle with Dori Pole fiberglass poles and pennants to really bring the focus of your potential customers to your dealership’s new products.

Depending on the color of the car, your dealerships colors, the make of the care, and more, you can also find the perfect color for your pennants to truly make the vehicle stand out. As new models come in, you can easily swap out your flag thanks to Dori Pole’s easy-to-use and innovative design.

Decorate sales events

Have a special event that you want to show off? Dori Pole can provide a great addition to your dealership to attract customers in by grabbing their attention with bright colors and motion. Whether it is your biggest annual sales event of the year, a holiday special, or any other deal, you can find an appropriately colored pennant and install them with ease using either a permanent setup or wheel stands that are set up under the tires of your parked vehicles.

There are endless opportunities to take advantage of Dori Pole at your dealership, so make sure you consider and utilize them well to improve your sales potential.

With proven success in bringing attention to businesses, Dori Pole is the obvious solution for any car dealership that is looking to increase interest in what they have to offer to customers. As a unique and attractive design, Dori Pole can give your dealership that leg-up on the competition that you have been looking for. Contact us today to learn more or to get started on an order!

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