Whether you are actively looking for ways to improve your holiday directions or are looking for a great starting point for them, you can consider a custom pennant and fiberglass pole from Dori Pole. Great for businesses with large outdoor areas, homeowners with a significantly large yard or driveway, and more, our pennant and pole system is designed to help your holiday decorations stand out more, get movement to help them catch the eyes of passerby, and give you a dependable product you can use again and again for winter months.

Expand your unique winter decoration options

As you drive around in winter, you may notice that many holiday decorations start to blend into one another, or that many of them are the same from one house to a next. From lights to lawn ornaments, business owners and homeowners in your local area may very well be buying their decorations from the same place. By ordering a custom pennant and pole from Dori Pole, you can add holiday cheer to your property, while also making it stand out compared to others. The motion and color offered by Dori Pole is a fun, exciting way to add holiday colors to your property that is sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by.

Custom pennant colors for every holiday

No matter what you celebrate during the holiday season, Dori Pole has a large variety of custom pennant color options for you to choose from. When ordering your Dori Pole components or complete kit, just note which color your pennant is, and you can get the perfect decoration sent directly to you. Each is crafted by the same expert team at Dori Pole and made from materials that are built to last and can be used throughout winter. With a tension arm and rotating yoke, your pennant and pole system will move with winter winds without extra wear and tear while showing off the vibrant colors of the season that you choose.

A provider of quality outdoor decorations when you need them, Dori Pole is your best source of holiday décor this winter season and beyond. Lightweight, flexible, and built to last, your Dori Pole system will give you the perfect addition to your business or home’s exterior. Contact us today to learn more about our different options of Dori Pole or to get started on your order!

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