With fingers crossed, we seem to be having warmer weather for the foreseeable future, and it’s because of this that you can get started early in the year with a harmless bird deterrent using Dori Pole! We may have a few more days of the cold, but, even so, we’re starting to see geese and other nuisance birds make their way back to our yards and beach fronts. So, if you want these protected in a harmless way, Dori Pole has the capabilities you need.

Install early

Part of the reason why installing earlier than later can be beneficial, is you can deter birds before they set up nests in places where you’re trying to deter them from. By getting rid of even the chance of a problem occurring early on, you can save yourself the headache of dealing with the birds, as well as the guilt of removing them from a place they’ve already settled into for the spring and summer.

Instant results

Here at Dori Pole, we have had the experiences deterring birds that we know you’ll appreciate and trust. In situations where no other bird deterrent had worked, the Dori Pole and pennant flag make the birds scatter as soon as it was brought close. Past businesses have expressed their gratitude at our easy solution and were happy with how it made their location look as well.

Get the kit

As with our other offers at Dori Pole, we offer a full bird deterrent kit, so you can get everything you need in one convenient package to start harmlessly deterring birds. Including our fiberglass pole length that best deters birds, a 14’ solid color pennant flag, and ground stake or dock mount, you get everything to keep your properties clear of nuisance birds all year long.

Dori Pole is the timeless pennant flag system you can use to keep birds away simple by installing them. Adding a beautifying element to your properties, Dori Pole is the best choice for homes and events.

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