With weather seemingly creeping higher and higher in temperature, it’s becoming the perfect time of year to think about setting up a bird-deterrent pennant and pole from Dori Pole. As birds continue to migrate back north, waterfronts will once again potentially be a popular spot for them. If they are too much of an issue for you to want to deal with for another year Dori Pole has your back.

Hands-free deterrent

Once your Dori Pole is flying high, you don’t have to worry about doing anything special with it to get the benefits of an effective bird deterrent. As soon as your pennant is in the air on your fiberglass pole, it starts doing its job. This harmless method discourages birds from getting too comfortable on wherever you put it, so it can be great for docks, beaches, backyards, and anywhere else where you don’t want birds to make a mess during spring and summertime.

Get ready for summer

The pennant flags that you can order to go with your fiberglass pole from Dori Pole are available in a variety of fun, bright colors, so you can get a head start on summer decorations and get yourself ready for fun in the sun. With one color, two color, patterned, and specialty pennant flags available, you’re sure to find one that is exactly what you want to decorate your property well while defending it from nuisance birds.

Easier installation

Warmer weather means the ground will finally start to soften again as it continues to heat up and get spongier from spring rains. This can make installation of your Dori Pole ground stakes easy, making the entire installation process for your bird-deterrent pennant and pole simple.

An easy to use and effective bird deterrent system for geese, seagulls, pelicans, and more, Dori Pole is the perfect decoration to add to your property as weather continues to warm. Contact us today to get started on your order and have it ready by the time warm weather is officially here!

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