With virus concerns making it difficult to enjoy the nice weather we’ve had a bit of so far this spring, you can instead plan and look forward to summer by planning your outdoor decorating with a pennant and pole from Dori Pole. A recognized name brand with a long history of success in providing customers with the beautiful outdoor decoration option they were looking for, Dori Pole can assist you in creating the perfect yard, dock, event space, and more.

Lake state

One of the things to look forward to most for summer is the opportunity to get back out on the water. Here in Michigan, we live for life on the lake, and a pennant and pole from Dori Pole can be exactly what your dock or lakefront property needs to add some motion and color to really complete the space. Whether you’re using a pennant that shows off your favorite colors, your favorite sports team, or your patriotism, Dori Pole has the options available to ensure your waterfront looks how you want it to.

On the water

If you want to take your Dori Pole with you when you’re on the water, you can! We’ve had customers order Dori Poles that they attach to their pontoons to add aesthetic to them while they cruise out on the water. And, if you have friends that live nearby who also go out on the water, they’ll be able to see you out and about, so you can meet with them when you want to see your favorite people. With bright colors and appealing motion, you’re sure to be noticed with your Dori Pole and pennant.

Designed lightweight, flexible, and with the ability to swivel in the wind to avoid tangling, Dori Poles can be a great addition to your lakefront property to show off once warmer weather is here and virus concerns have passed. Contact one of our sales representatives today to learn more about our current ordering schedule in the midst of shutdowns!

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