As we enter further into the New Year, you can use colorful pennant flags and strong fiberglass poles to add a bit of flair to events you host throughout the year. Dori Pole is the trusted system of pennants and poles that you can depend on when you want to add some color to your yard or waterfront, show wind on a golf course, bring attention with eye-catching colors, and much more.

Seasonal sight

When flying a pennant on a Dori Pole, you can get the colors you need to represent the holiday or season coming up next to bring out your holiday spirit. Whether it’s Kelly green for St. Patrick’s Day or orange and black for Halloween, Dori Pole offers almost any color and combination to let you get out your joy for the holidays and seasons. And, while rippling in the wind, their bright colors in motion are sure to catch the eye of passersby.

Needed height

Depending on high you’re willing to fly your pennant, Dori Pole offers a variety of height options to choose from for your fiberglass poles. Each offer a telescoping design to make managing your pole when moving it easier. The rotating yoke also helps to prevent any damages to your pennant, as they turn with the winds. Each comes with different options of staking, so you can place your Dori Pole and pennant where you need them.

Your best option

When looking for pennant flags to fly, Dori Pole is your best option. Featured in events around the world, docks at lakefront houses, and more, Dori Pole is a great way to add color no matter how big your operation. And, with great customer service from our team of professionals, you know you’re in good hands.

Welcoming people to events since 1984, Dori Pole can bring to you a way to invite guests and bring attention that has been trusted and used for years. Contact us today to get started on your order!

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