With Christmas right around the corner, now is the perfect time for you to grab some vibrant, eye-catching pennants for family and friends. With a large variety of options for their pole and pennant combination, almost anyone can utilize and appreciate the functionality of Dori Pole. Whether it’s for a lakefront property, yard decoration, or advertising tool, give the gift of an effective pennant system with Dori Pole this winter.

Color to winter

With the capability of also being flown in the winter, Dori Pole can be the perfect gift for someone looking to bring some color and aesthetic to their home. Any of our bright colors will stand out strong against a backdrop of white snow, and this coupled with their movement is sure to draw the attention of any passerby. This helps to bring attention to your winter decorations and can serve as the best addition to your holiday setup.

Preparation for summer

If your friend or family member owns lakefront property, Dori Pole can serve as the perfect gift that they can benefit from the following summer. Functioning as a bird deterrent and beautifying waterfronts, docks, or pontoons, the colorful pennants from Dori Pole are the perfect addition to any home on the lake. With different sizes available, you can make sure to get the correct size to fit any back yard.


To make purchasing easy, Dori Pole offers complete Dori Pole kits so you can get everything your friend or family member needs in a bundle. Although it may be slightly difficult to wrap, you can provide your loved one with each part of a Dori Pole setup to get it flying fast.

With years of experience delivering Dori Poles to individuals and organizations, Dori Pole has the beautifying pennants and poles you need to make a loved one’s holiday season this year. Contact us for more details about our products!

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